Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Spray Paint Upcycle - Metal Fish.  Beach Cottage Decor.

I'm a firm believer that anything can look better with a quick coat of black or white glossy spray paint.  Take these fish for example.  I found them at Ross and they were a good deal and I'm always drawn to things with great texture.  I decided that painting them white would change them completely and give me a some fairly large pieces of wall art at a reasonable price for our beach cottage.

Spray Paint Upcycle - Metal Fish.  Before Photo.

The original green finish was glossy and very hard, so even after attempting to scratch them up with sandpaper to prepare them for painting -  I knew primer was a must.   I used a white spray primer followed by a white high gloss spray paint.  (By the way, I had initially considered keeping the eyes black so I covered them with blue painter's tape.  I quickly decided they looked creepy that way so I painted them white).

Spray Paint Upcycle - Metal Fish.  Beach Cottage Decor.

I think these work well in the bedroom with the blue quilt.  The quilt has an aged "tea-stained" look to it and some white accessories in the room lighten the look up a bit.   In addition, the yellow nightstand is kind of whimsical and fun, so why not hang some big high-gloss white fish on the wall too!

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