Monday, April 28, 2014


Upcycled Clementine Crates

I love citrus and I am particularly fond of Clementines.  Occasionally, I buy them in these crates and I had put them aside for some future project.  When we bought the beach house - I figured these could help with organization in the pantry.

Upcycled Clementine Crates - Before

I primed them first with a basic primer...


Upcycled Clementine Crates - Primed
Primed Crate

They were painted with two coats of a pretty aqua paint leftover from other projects. The color is Quietude by Sherwin Williams.  I also added a quick coat of satin poly to make the finish more durable. Craft sticks were used to make labels and these were hot glued on the front of the crates.  The crates can be stacked quite easily, and they fit in well with the rustic d├ęcor in our beach cottage.

Here they are as we use them in our pantry.  They are a great way to keep towels organized and keep small items together in easily accessible spaces.

Upcycled Clementine Crates

Upcycled Clementine Crates

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