Monday, July 30, 2012


Spray Painted Pine Cone Centerpiece - close up

I recently painted some accent walls in our bonus room bright green – Lowe’s Valspar color ‘New Avocado’.  (Incidentally, they also sell the same color in spray paint – bonus!)  I wanted to carry this color into the TV area of the room so I figured the can of spray paint I purchased would come in handy. It turned out to be the answer to my coffe table centerpiece solution.  The bowl is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ purchased at a local art show, done by a local artist.  I love pinecones and I figured I could paint some to coordinate with my new color scheme and make a fun centerpiece.
Spray painting pine cones is nothing new – but the point to this post is ‘less is more’.  My first instinct was to spray paint all of these pine cones this bright green color and put them in this bowl.  This would have looked fine, but I don’t think I would have achieved the same effect.  I like the end result here because you have a stark contrast between the muted, natural and rustic looking pinecones and the glossy, modern, bright green painted one – thus making it stand out and giving it a surprising and more whimsical look. Not to mention it merely ‘suggests’ the color rather than throwing it in your face with a whole bowl of green stuff.
Spray Painted Pine Cone Centerpiece

I think this same concept will look good at Christmas with a silver painted, glitter-covered pinecone; perhaps in a clear glass bowl or vase.  Don’t stop with pinecones – use this same concept with Christmas ornaments in a bowl – perhaps all silver and one red.  Another idea would involve those round decorative spheres you see all over the place – buy one to include with your set in a contrasting bright color.

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