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Boot Holders
I have been holding onto a lot of scraps from my upholstery fabric projects for awhile now, and was delighted to come up with this project.  Prior to sewing these boot holders – I had been using rolled up magazines inside my boots to prevent them from flopping over on the floor of my closet.  These were very functional but didn’t look all that nice, and when I wore a pair of boots I would have these curled up magazines lying in my closet.

My idea evolved out of a few sources:
  1. The use of rolled up magazines for boot holders I’ve seen posted on pinterest.
  2. The boot holder my sister-in-law showed me, which was basically a stuffed tube with a loop on top for placing the holders in and out of the boots.
  3. Some examples of boot holders I’ve seen for sale on etsy.com that had the same stuffed tube concept covered by a bag made of fabric and tied at the top.
Boot Holders
Boot Holder with Rolled Up Magazine
The original thought was trying to make boot holders like the example my sister-in-law showed me.  She had noted these were a little too wide of a tube and didn’t fit well in the ankle area of some of her boots.  It made me think – the rolled magazine works well because it can adjust to different size boots – so . . . perhaps the magazine just needed a cute cover – this is when I came up with my creation.  I made bags made out of upholstery fabric to hold the rolled up magazines.  The top is tied with any sort of ribbon.  The gathered area on top gives you something to grab onto when removing the holder.

Boot Holder
I like this solution for a number of reasons. (1) It looks better than just a rolled up magazine.  (2) I’m up-cycling some old magazines (3) I’m making use of scrap pieces of fabric I had lying around. (4) I’m also using some leftover ribbon from my ribbon stash.

Please note – I used all upholstery fabric scraps in my holders and I think this type of fabric worked pretty well.  The great thing is that there is not much fabric needed and only a small amount of ribbon so (if you are a sewer like me) it is likely that you may have enough supplies on hand and make these for free.

Because this is such a simple pattern and sewing project – I decided just to post the simple instructions instead of a lengthy tutorial.  *Remember you will want to cut and make two of these to make a set  :o)

(You can double-click on the graphic below to see a larger view.)

Boot Holder Instructions


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