Friday, March 15, 2013


Starfish Pillow - Ocean, Under the Sea Theme, Ocean Theme

This was a recent project for my friend's little boy.  I am helping redecorate his bedroom and there is an ocean theme.  I spotted pillows like this on Etsy and thought it was a project I could tackle myself.  My friend found a very cute Pottery Barn Kids comforter to use in his room, but here I'm just displaying the pillows on one of my own beds.  Isn't the fish pillow in the back cute? - I found it on Sierra Trading Post and got a super deal on it.

The great thing about these types of projects is the amount of fabric needed is so small that you can easily find what you need from a remnant pile at a store.  I found this beige upholstery fabric with a little texture and thought it worked nicely  The texture reminds me of what I've seen on real starfish.  For $6 per yard - I purchased 3/4 of a yard and had plenty.  Not bad for about $4.50 worth of fabric...

Starfish Pillow - Ocean, Under the Sea Theme, Ocean Theme

I made my own starfish pattern from looking at pictures.  I think the key to making it look good is that it needs to be not-so-perfect - otherwise it would look like just a "star" pillow and not a starfish pillow.  Make some of the legs smaller/larger, not so straight.  I stuffed it with polyfill and used a reasonable amount so it will keep its shape.  Also, I would recommend - don't make the legs too skinny or too fat.

Starfish Pillow Paper Pattern

If you don't sew, check out Etsy to find some handmade options to purchase.

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