Thursday, August 21, 2014


DIY Branch Ring Holder

I really needed someplace to put my wedding rings on the bathroom counter of our beach cottage.  The granite we had picked out for the countertops was beautiful, but small items disappeared from view when you set them down on the surface.  I could see myself inadvertently knocking my rings into the sink and down the drain.  I was looking for a cute little plate or an actual "ring holder", but nothing really grabbed me that was worth buying.

One day my husband and I were trimming the trees in our backyard.  As I was chopping up large branches into smaller pieces - this piece caught my eye.  Looking at the nubs left from trimming the branches I thought - "Hey - that could be a ring holder!"

In initially tried silver spray paint, but it wasn't quite the right silver (I had used some leftover paint I had from a while back).  It looked strange next to the brushed nickel hardware on the faucets.  After seeing it in the space - a high gloss white spray paint was my next try...

DIY Branch Ring Holder

This branch definitely does what I need it to do, and the best part is that it was free!  Between the found branch and leftover spray paints - it didn't cost me a thing. woo-hoo!

DIY Branch Ring Holder
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