Thursday, January 1, 2015


Small Bathroom Storage Solution

This guest bathroom in our beach cottage is rather small.  It is a functional three piece bathroom - (tub/shower, toilet & sink) however, the space is rather tight.  There is limited storage in the cabinet below the sink, but that is it.  I was looking for some way to store small items like TP and washcloths. 

The long narrow basket above the towel hooks was my solution.  I like this solution because it takes functional advantage of some unused space that might otherwise just provide a spot for something decorative.  It creates easy access to these items for guests (rather than having them dig through the cabinet).  I also like how it is easy for me to see when the items need to be re-stocked (I don't need to dig through the cabinet either).

Small Bathroom Storage Solution

The basket was purchased from Target and was labeled as a "media" basket.  It fits the two rolls of toilet paper perfectly as well as a few washcloths.   Two screws were used the adhere the basket to the wall (one into a stud, and a drywall anchor for the second screw).  The basket is very sturdy so this method of mounting it worked just fine.

Overall I like the way it looks and I'm happy to free up space in the cabinet below the sink!  I must thank Pinterest for the inspiration for this idea.  You can find all sorts of ideas out there for baskets and wall storage.  NOTE - the clothespins on the towels are "towel-charms".   They make it easy for guests to keep track of their towels.   See the my post on these towel-charms here.

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