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Hanging Table Frame on Wall - 3M Command Strips

Ever had a cute table frame you want to hang on a wall and found it had no hanger on the back?  I used to buy the saw-tooth hangers and tack them onto the back, but 3M has made this process much easier – 3M velcro-like strips.  There are a number of advantages to using these…

Hanging Table Frame on Wall - 3M Command Strips

·         No nail hole required = no damage to wall.

·         Easily removed from frame when you want to use it as a table frame again.

·         Easily removed from wall – no nail holes to fill.

·         Pictures stay put – no more re-leveling when pictures shift over time.

·         Forgiving when hanging – you have some leeway to make adjustments if the strips are not perfectly placed.

·         Also - these are great to hang items on doors.  If you put at least one strip on top and one on the bottom, it will prevent the frame from knocking when the door swings open/closed.   In addition – you don’t have to make a hole in your door with a nail.

Hanging Table Frame on Wall - 3M Command Strips

1.       Take the time to figure out the best place for the placement of the strip on the back of the frame – you want a flat surface.  Do this first – I made the mistake once of starting with the strip on the wall, only to find out the corresponding spot on the back of the frame was not a good place. 

Hanging Table Frame on Wall - 3M Command Strips

3-17-2013 I revised these next steps slightly after using this product some more.  My best advice is to follow the instructions on the package and be patient.  :o)

2.     Next, figure out where the corresponding spot is on the wall to place the frame exactly where you want it.    Again, this needs to be flat surface.  On a wall this is easy, but if you are applying to something like a paneled door - you need to make sure you are working with a spot with a flat surface.

3.     Put the strips together and expose one sticky side, and apply the 3M strips to the frame per the instructions.  This is important - you will need to apply pressure for a certain amount of time.  Be patient and don't just stick it on there.  They will fall off the surface if you don't take your time and do this right.

4.   Remove the other sticky side and apply to the surface (wall/door).  Apply a little pressure to make sure it is stuck and pull off your frame.  Then put pressure on just the strip per the instructions.  Don't apply the frame right away.  Follow the instructions and wait the specified period of time before hanging your frame.  Once again - be patient.

5.     When you apply the frame to the wall you will hear a ‘thunk’ when the strips are locked together.  Easy-peasy.

Hanging Table Frame on Wall - 3M Command Strips

(If anyone is curious, the photos were taken on our honeymoon in Cortona, Italy)    :o)

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