Sunday, August 5, 2012


Paper Daisy Wall Art

I love daisies.  They are such a beautiful, simple flower.  If there is any question of how much I like them, see my wedding page.  For our wedding, these paper versions were used for invitations, place cards, gift tags, etc…

This particular frame was purchased awhile back and had previously held three photos.  I decided to switch out the photos and do something different.  Three different types of scrapbooking paper were utilized for the backgrounds.  Any three coordinating types of papers can be used in this type of setup.  Utilizing different pieces of fabric would look great as well.

Paper Daisy Wall Art - Background Scrapbooking Paper
Supplies to Make Paper Daisies

Making the Daisies – 3 flower punches of white printer paper and a hole punch of yellow for the center. Tip: bend petals upward before gluing them together to give them dimension. Note: I think printer paper is better than cardstock – much easier to punch and results in a softer petal effect. I used the Elmer’s Craft Glue to put these together.  Ignore the strands of raffia as this photo is re-used from the wedding invitation post (I had placed the raffia behind the daisies on our invitations).

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