Friday, August 17, 2012


Custom Jewelry Storage Cabinet Built in Wall

Custom Jewelry Storage Cabinet Built in Wall

After moving into our new home, we hired a contractor to replace all the wire shelving in our closets with wood shelves and metal bars.  We also had a few custom shelves and drawers added to our master closets along with this recessed jewelry cabinet.    It’s great to be able to see everything all at once, and it’s super easy to keep it all organized.

Custom Jewelry Cabinet Built in Wall - Mirror Door

The jewelry cabinet is located behind the closet door – a space tough to make use of anyway.    Here is what they did… I started with the wall mirror and asked them to use it as the door (it’s one of those cheap wall mirrors you find just about everywhere).  They mounted the mirror onto a piece of thin board for added stability.  Then they cut a section of drywall out between two studs inside the closet (the mirror was just about the perfect width for a door to accommodate the space between the studs).  Next, they framed out the interior of this space to match the size of the door and attached the door with piano hinges.  So . . . what was left was a door covering an unfinished inset box in the wall.  The rest I did myself. . .

1.       To plan out the location of all the hooks – I started by measuring the size of the inset box in the wall and cut out a piece of paper the same size and laid it on the ground.    
2.       Then I took out all my jewelry and started organizing it on the paper to determine where I would need to hang hooks for rings, bracelets, and necklaces of various lengths.  It ended up looking something like this . . .
Jewelry Cabinet Plan

3.       Once I had a plan, I took scrap 1x2’s and cut them to size.  These 1x2’s are what hold the cup hooks. 

4.       I primed and painted the inside of the cabinet and the individual pieces of 1x2’s.  I used the same high gloss white paint used on the rest of the trim/shelving in the closet.  I’m a big advocate of using primer, especially on spaces that can use the added durability.  It’s an extra step, but will prolong the life of any painted area. 

Custom Jewelry Cabinet Cup Hooks

5.      I installed the cup hooks on the 1x2’s before mounting them inside of the cabinet.  I was sure to leave enough space between each hook (about 1 inch).  I would not recommend try to paint after applying the cup hooks - this would be very tedious work and would be difficult to keep the paint off the hooks. 

6.      Liquid Nails was used to attach the 1x2’s to the inside of the cabinet. 

7.       Finally, I caulked all the edges with white calk to give it a finished look (tedious but worth it).

I have seen cabinets like this that can be purchased and mounted on a wall.  (Perhaps you can even figure out how to recess these, I’m not sure.)  Either way, it’s wonderful having all your jewelry within view when getting dressed and choosing an outfit and accessories.  A later addition was a magnet clasp to keep the door completely shut.

This jewelry cabinet is just one of the elements I incorporated into my closet.  If you are interested in some of my other closet organization ideas - see my post here: CLOSET ORGANIZING TIPS

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  1. where did you buy the hooks? They look like 2 different types of hooks...I am trying to find these to do my own cabinet, and that is how I found your website/blog. THANKS!

    1. They are "cup hooks" and they are all the same. I purchased them from Ace Hardware and I believe they are 3/4 inch in size. Unfortunately they only come in brass. I looked for silver and didn't find any. If you don't have an Ace Hardware near you, they sell them online. Thanks for visiting! Good luck with the jewelry cabinet!

  2. wonderful idea beautifully done!

  3. I love it! But where do you put the earrings?

    1. Aahhhhh, good question - but the answer is I don't have pierced ears. If I did, I think I would rig something up on the inside of the door since they are small and low profile enough not to interfere with any of the jewelry inside the cabinet. I honestly had not thought about this before, but I think that option could work well. Thanks for stopping by!