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Failed fishnet paint texture

This is a failed fishnet paint technique, but I'm posting it anyway, hoping to get some feedback or suggestions.  I used satin latex paint and a roller - I'm wondering if using spray paint would have made this look better.  In my mind - it probably would have, but I wanted to use a custom color and I didn't want to choose from limited spray paint colors.

Nonetheless, here is what I did.  I started by priming and then painting the dresser a high gloss white.  I then ran candlewax on all the edges and about an inch into the edges on the face of the drawers and the top of the dresser.  This was do distress the edges a little after painting. 

I purchased the fishnet from Hobby Lobby.  Amazingly enough - it was the ideal size to cover most of the dresser.  I used painters tape to adhere the fishnet to the dresser.

Failed fishnet paint texture
Then I used satin latex paint on a roller, over the areas I wanted the texture.
Failed fishnet paint texture
Failed fishnet paint texture

Failed fishnet paint texture
I'm not sure where exactly this went wrong - I just know I wasn't happy with the result.  Here are my thoughts...
  • Too much paint on the roller creates globs and messes up the texture
  • I chose the wrong paint color - it was too yellow, and I should have chosen a more gray-beige
  • Some areas just looked "messy"
I did like where the fishnet was stretched inconsistently across the dresser.  I think this had the potential for giving the piece character.
I questioned whether I should have reversed the paint colors (used a dark beige as a base color and then used white paint over top of the fishnet)?  Would this have solved my spray paint issue since I could have easily gone with any white high gloss spray paint over the fishnet?
Did I give up on this idea too early?  Should I have tried spray paint and just sucked it up on the limited color choices?  Should I have reversed the color scheme (beige on the base, white on top)?
Now that I have taken the time to write this post, it makes me want to go out and try this again.   If anyone has any comments or suggestions I would enjoy hearing them.
In the end, I started over and finished this dresser off with a burlap paint texture (see the post here).

Burlap Paint Texture

UPDATE - JUNE 3, 2015:  After reading through this post again and contemplating whether I should try a fishnet paint technique - I had an idea.  What if I try this again, and this time try using temporary spray adhesive on the back of the fishnet (before applying the fishnet to the piece of furniture)?  This will help the fishnet adhere to the base and help maintain the integrity of the texture.  The key to this would be temporary spray adhesive, so you can easily remove the fishnet after painting.   Also, I think I would definitely try spray paint instead of a paint roller.   My last though is I would definately go with a tan base color of paint and then paint over the fishnet with white spraypaint.  Hmmmmm...another project for another day.


I suppose this adventure was not a complete waste.  The fishnet (partially covered in paint), was used on the nautical Christmas wreath I created (see this post).   I like how the paint on the fishnet added to the character.

Fishnet used on Christmas Wreath

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