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Upcycled White Washed Wicker Tables - Yellow Bedroom

I purchased a set of wicker pieces for $25 on Craig's List.  A great buy for nightstands for our beach cottage.  My husband didn't like them at all when I brought them home.  The nude color wicker with the painted knobs was not very appealing and looked very dated.  They needed a little cleaning up, but overall they were in very good shape.  I recall I had to hot glue a piece of wicker that was unwinding on one of the legs, but that was it.

Wicker Nightstand - Before Photo
Before Photo

I was going to take the easy route and just spray paint them a high gloss white.  My husband didn't like that idea and suggested a white-washed look would be better.  I reluctantly agreed to try it, a little frustrated that my easy upcycle project just got more time consuming.

With a paint brush, I started lightly applying layers of watered down white acrylic craft paint.  I think I ended up with about three thin coats total.  (Spray paint would have been a easier process, but I have to admit the final look is probably better.)  I finished it off with a coat of satin spray polyurethane.

Whitewashing Wicker
Upcycled White Washed Wicker Tables - Yellow Bedroom

I used the same technique on the second piece as well.  I'm not actually sure what it is supposed to be.  It seems too short for a table, maybe it's supposed to be more of a bench?  Either way - it works just fine where it is.

Upcycled White Washed Wicker Tables - Yellow Bedroom

The painted knobs definitely needed to go.  I found the glass-like crackle knobs at Hobby Lobby. The wicker pieces worked well as nightstands in the yellow bedroom where I was trying to put as many neutral items in the room as I could.  This was in an effort to calm down the tone of the room with the bright yellow quilt on the bed.  By the way - the color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Lemon Chiffon (SW 6686).

Upcycled White Washed Wicker Tables - Yellow Bedroom

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