Saturday, March 17, 2012


Zip Loc Bags hold grout colors. Labels on zip loc bags correspond to labels on grout bags

If you enjoy mosaics like I do – chances are you may have several bags of different colored grout lying around.  Last year, I organized my mosaic supplies in the garage and put my grout bags in a large plastic tub.  Before putting them away, I took snack size ziplocs and poured a few spoon-fulls of grout into each bag and labeled them with a letter.  Then I wrote the same letter on the corresponding bag where the grout came from.  All these went into a larger ziploc bag.

Now when I’m deciding on grout for my project – I just pull out my packet of ziploc bags and compare colors against my project.  Once I make a decision on a color, it’s as easy as pulling out the bag by letter.   I found this is much better than digging through heavy bags of grout in my garage and guessing whether that was the color I wanted.

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