Monday, February 20, 2012


Cork Wallpaper Wall Art - Abstract Birch Forest.

The material on these panels is cork wallpaper.  This is a Candice Olsen wallpaper featuring white cork with a silver foil backing.  (She also has a design with natural cork with a copper backing – very cool looking as well.)  I fell in love with the wallpaper after seeing it featured on one of her shows on HGTV and liked the fact that it resembled birch bark.  It’s pricey stuff, so I was happy to come up with the wall panel idea. 
Cork Wallpaper Wall Art - Abstract Birch Forest Close Up
After some research and tests, I decided to go with stretcher-bars for the base.  (These are used by artists to stretch canvas.)  I ordered them from These are ideal because they can be ordered in any size, are relatively inexpensive, are put together with a rubber mallet (no hardware), are made for the purpose of attaching fabric, and are lightweight and easy to hang.  All you need is a staple gun.  Just be careful with the corners.  Neat corners will make or break the final look of these types of projects.
Cork Wallpaper Wall Art - Abstract Birch Forest

The panels vary in width from 6-8-10" and each are 6 feet tall.   Since creating these panels I have used stretcher bars from the same source for a number of other projects.

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