Thursday, February 16, 2012


Placemat Wall Art

Wall art made from placemats and fabric.  I put this together for staging my husband’s home before we were married.   We needed a large piece of art (that didn’t break the bank) for a family room with a vaulted ceiling.  The base is a painter’s canvas I had not yet made use of.  I would not recommend this as these can be expensive (it’s just we had it on hand).  Rather, make your own frame, or buy stretcher-bars.  The fabric pieces were purchased as remnants from a local fabric store (cheap!).  The placemats were purchased at Marshall’s so they were also an economical choice.  They were not in the best shape – I used a black marker to cover up the scratches and you would never know!  Total investment was around $20 in materials.

Placemat Wall Art - Close Up

The fabric was stapled onto the back of the frame, and the placemats were adhered with a hot glue gun.  This was supposed to be a temporary thing, but we got several compliments on it, so it now hangs in our new home!

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