Monday, February 27, 2012


Grandma's Hand Crocheted Doily Wall Art

This is a hand crocheted doily made by my grandmother.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of art in our home.  Years ago, I found a photo in a magazine that had a similar piece of art and showed it to my mom.  We both thought this would be a great way to display my grandmother’s creations.  We chose four to have professionally framed for myself, my mom, sister and aunt.  Mine originally had a more formal brown wood frame, but later I had it re-framed in this rustic black frame.  I really like this classic combination of black, tan and white.  I think the key is a higher contrast mat in the background, and the suede-like mat adds some interesting texture.   A special thanks to grandma for creating something so beautiful.

I think this is a good reminder that just about anything can be art.  It is especially appealing if it is something that has sentimental value.  Consider a frame or a shadow box for something special and you have a completely unique piece of art!

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