Thursday, February 2, 2012


Burlap Potatoe Sack Wall Art - Close Up

We had a wall in our dinette area with a large mirror.  The mirror reflected light from the window on the opposite wall, but I always thought the area looked a little plain.  These small pieces of art seemed to be just what the space needed to add some character.

These are made from used potatoe sacks stretched over frames. I purchased stretcher bars to make the frames (the same kind artists buy to stretch canvas so they are made for the purpose of attaching fabric). I purchased them from These are put together with a rubber mallet (no hardware required). First I covered the stretcher bar frame in brown craft paper and attached with a staple gun. This was because the burlap from the sacks has such an open weave. Then I stretched the fabric over the craft paper, also adhering with a staple gun. Just be careful with the corners. Neat corners will make or break the final look of these types of projects.

Burlap Potatoe Sack Wall Art

About the stretcher-bars: these are ideal because they can be ordered in any size, are relatively inexpensive, are put together with a rubber mallet (no hardware), are made for the purpose of attaching fabric, and are lightweight and easy to hang. I have used stretcher bars from this same source for a number of other types of projects.

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