Friday, January 20, 2012


Burlap Christmas Tree

This tree was made from burlap pockets.  I sewed the small burlap pockets on a sewing machine.  Very simple - I cut rectangles of fabric, folded them in half, and sewed them up on three sides.  This enabled me to turn them inside out.

The base is a paper-mache tree form purchased from Hobby Lobby.  It was shorter than I wanted it to be, so I extended it.  I did this using poster-board (added to the bottom of the form and attached with duct tape)   

The burlap pockets were hot-glued on to the tree form.  I started at the bottom, and therefore each subsequent layer covered up the raw edge of the pockets from the prior row.  On the top I hand stitched the raw edges of two pockets closed so the point of the tree had finished sewn edges. 

Faux crystal gems were added with hot glue.  (These were purchased from Hobby Lobby as well.)  They sell them in a big container - much cheaper than buying them a few at a time in individual packets.  I like the contrast of the rustic burlap and sparkly gems.

Burlap Christmas Tree
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