Friday, January 20, 2012


Round Mosaic Table Top

Created with 1" vitreous glass mosaic tiles, some broken with tile nippers and some full tiles.  Base is a round of MDF placed on top of a table from Pottery Barn.  The design was taken from a book on mosaics and slightly modified.  I think the black grout really works with these tile colors.

Round Mosaic Table Top


  1. Hi Susan - my husband and I LOVE this table top. We want to do exactly the same design on our kitchen table. Would you mind letting us know the name of the book you used so we can print out a picture of the full design? thank you! Beth Planakis (

    1. Hi Beth - Thanks for your kind words about the table. The book is "Quick & Easy Mosaics" by Mariarita Macchiavelli. I just checked on Amazon and they have it there. There is an example table on page 138-139 and the pattern is on page 155. I modified the design slightly. Good luck on your project and thanks for visiting!