Friday, January 20, 2012


Clip Ring Pleated Valence

Turn any flat rod-pocket valance into a 'tailored-look' pleated valence with clip rings.  The pleats are not sewn, they are held in place by the clip rings themselves. This one has three pleats per clip.  Make as many pleats as the width of your valence permits.

This particular valance started out as a long valence from a large window.  I really hated the idea of cutting it down since I had taken some time sewing it, so I played around with the clip rings and came up with the pleats.

The time consuming part is spacing the pleats.  Take your time measuring in order to place them. You can use single/double/triple pleats depending on the width of the fabric valence compared to the width of your window.  Just play around with it and figure out what works for your window.  Adjustments are easy since you are dealing with movable clips and not stiching that needs to be torn out and re-sewn.

Clip Ring Pleated Valence

Clip Ring Pleated Valence

If you like this idea, check out my other post CLIP RING BOX PLEAT VALENCE (similar concept using two clips to creat a box pleat look).

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