Friday, January 20, 2012


Glitter Coke Bottle Christmas Decoration

Check out these Coke bottles filled with glitter for Christmas decor.  These bottles were originally destined for the recycle bin, but I thought they looked kind of cute on display, only they needed just a little something. . .   The glitter was adhered to the inside of the bottle with spray glue. 

  • Empty Glass Coke Bottles (clean and dry)
  • Spray Glue (update 3/1/2012 - I just saw on another blog where someone used Pledge floor care finish as an adhesive on this type of project.  I haven't tried it, but it may be a better option... )
  • Glitter
  • Masking Tape
  • Plastic Grocery Bags (one per bottle)
  • Container for Bottles (for display)
  • Bowl/Tray (to dump excess glitter so it can be re-used) I used an aluminum foil pan

Directions (Updated 1/17/2013 with photos)
  1. Tape off a clean line on the inside top of the bottles (to create a clean edge where the glitter will stop), and tape around the top outside of the bottles as well (to prevent over-spray onto the bottle where you do not want it). 
  1. Take a plastic grocery bag with a small hole cut into it.  Put the top of the bottle through the small hole in the bag and tape the bag to the bottle covering any exposed glass between the taped area and the bag.  Explanation: when you hold the bottle to spray in the glue, the plastic should cover your hand and the rest of the bottle to prevent the overspray from going everywhere.

  1. Take the spray glue and place the nozzle so you are spraying directly into the bottle.  (The hand you are using to hold the bottle should be under the plastic bag).  Spray the glue until it appears you have coated the inside of the bottle entirely.  Do not worry about drips or globs - the glue will dry clear and you won't notice them.
  2. Wait the amount of time indicated on the spray glue can before adding the glitter.  Pour glitter inside the bottle, close off the top and shake.  If necessary, add more glitter and shake until all inside edges are coated.  Pour excess glitter into your bowl/tray and use on next bottle.
  3. Remove tape and plastic bag and throw away.
  4. Place finished bottles in container to display.  I used a container purchased from Hobby Lobby filled with dried moss, and added a red ribbon.
Placing the bottles with my stuffed polar bears was an afterthought, but certainly reminds me of the classic Coke commercials!

Glitter Coke Bottle Christmas Decoration with Stuffed Polar Bears
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  1. I have also seen people spray hairspray then add glitter shake it until the glitter is everywhere and then dump out extra glitter then your done.

    1. Hairspray is another good adhesive I would not have thought of. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment :o)